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SOUTH ASIA EARTHQUAKE: Donating to Relief Efforts

What are some groups doing really good work?
How can I support these efforts?

What are some groups doing really good work?
In light of the human tragedy that has unfolded in South Asia, it is heartening to note that an incredible array of non-governmental organizations have stepped up to do relief and rehabilitation work. We in particular recommend supporting these grassroots NGOs in Pakistan and India:

Edhi Foundation
Edhi foundation is a highly trusted NGO in Pakistan with a large operational network throughout the country, including areas that were severely affected by the earthquake. They were one of the first organizations that reached the disaster scene with supplies and relief, and have recieved widespread praise for their commendable work in the days following the earthquake. Their website is at http://www.paks.net/edhi-foundation/

Edhi's offices in the US are at
42-07 National Street
Corona, NY 11368
Tel: (718) 639-5120
Email: edhi@cyber.net.pk

Joint Action Committee  - Earthquake Relief Efforts
The Joint Action Committee (JAC) is a joint platform of civil society organizations that are working towards human rights, democracy and justice. This committee, which consists of SUNGI Development Foundation, Aurat Foundation, The Network for Consumer Rights, Pattan Development Organization, Rozan, Action Aid, and The Sustainable Development Policy Institute(SDPI), are now involved in relief and relief and rehabiliation work. These organizations have long worked with local communities in the region of the earthquake and are thus able to access remote villages through social networks that are not available to the military and large donor organizations. If people want to contribute to the combined relief effort of JAC, they can send money directly to SUNGI or SDPI.

Sungi Development Foundation - http://www.sungi.org
US Dollar account no. 412-2;  Branch Code: 0585
Muslim Commercial Bank Star Branch (Branch Code 0585)
Abbotabad, Pakistan
For more info.: Naeem Iqbal at naeem.iqbal<at>sungi<dot>org or Riaz Ahmed at riaz.ahmad<at>sungi<dot>org

Association for the Development of Pakistan, USA
The Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) is a voluntary non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of the poor, neglected and underprivileged of Pakistan by providing support for carefully selected social development projects in a range of sectors including infrastructure, environment, healthcare, education, gender equality, labor and food rights.

ATHROT is a collective effort of independent voluntary organizations and individuals including Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, Jammu and Kashmir Yateem Foundation, Help Poor Voluntary Trust, Friends of Humanity, Student’s Helpline, Kashmiri Women’s Initiative for Peace and Disarmament, Apna Ghar, Youth for Humanity, Bar Association Budgam and students from Kashmir University.
Donations in the U.S. can be made via Indians for Collective Action - http://www.icaonline.org
Or through intermediary Bank: - American Express Bank New York
Beneficiary Bank: - A/C No. 00197723
Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd.
B/O Polo View SGR
Beneficiary: A/C No. SB 1169
J&K Yateem Foundation

In Jammu & Kashmir, donations in Cash may be deposited at
Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Polo view Branch, JKYF account # SB 1169

Association for India's Development - Jammu and Kashmir Fund
Association for India's Development, Inc. (AID) is a voluntary non-profit organization committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development in India by working with grassroots organizations and movements in India. AID has set up a  Jammu and Kashmir Fund, and the money raised will be directed to its partners - grassroots level NGOs that are currently working in the affected areas in Jammu and Kashmir. Donations to this fund can be made ONLINE.

AID has a commendable track record in disaster relief, rehabilitation work, and in facilitating solutions that are just, equitable and sustainable, as evidenced by their recent efrorts in the context of the South/South-East Asian Tsunami.

SEEDS, India
SEEDS is a Delhi-based disaster management group and was involved in relief work after the Gujarat earthquake and in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands following the Tsunami. Currently, they have several teams working on the ground in Kashmir. Donations can be made via Indians for Collective Action.

How can I support these efforts?

You can DIRECTLY contribute
to relief and rehabilitation efforts being spearheaded by Edhi Foundation, SUNGI Development Foundation, Association for the Development of Pakistan, and Association for India's Development, by attending BEYOND BORDERS - A Benefit for Survivors of the South Asian Earthquake.

Friends of South Asia and Ekta, in coalition with an array of organizations in the SF Bay Area, including many groups of the South Asian diaspora, have come together to show solidarity towards earthquake survivors on both sides of the border, and contribute to the important cause of relief and rehabilitation.

By purchasing tickets to this benefit event, you  get to attend a great concert featuring artists of varied styles and following - including Indian/Pakistani classical (vocal and instrumental), spoken word, dance, and much more. But more importantly, every dollar you contribute by way of ticket purchase or donation, will go directly towards earthquake relief.

This means, if you buy a $10 ticket, you are contributing $10 to earthquake relief, and if you buy a $50 ticket, you get yourself a great seat at the show, plus you contribute $50 towards earthquake relief!!

Funds raised by ticket sales and donations will be distributed at approximately 80:20 ratio between organizations in Pakistan and India. For relief on the Pakistan side, funds will be disbursed among Edhi Foundation and Sungi Development Foundation via Association for Development of Pakistan (ADP) which is a tax-exempt  501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. For relief on the Indian side, funds will be disbursed to Association for India's Development (AID)'s Jammu and Kashmir Fund.

To buy tickets NOW, click here.

If you are unable to attend the event, but still wish to contribute to relief efforts, you can donate as follows: (via EKTA, one of the organizers of the benefit event)

Please make a contribution ONLINE,

or by check payable to “EKTA” and sent to:

P.O. Box 2302
Berkeley, CA 94702-0302

Please make sure to write "Earthquake Relief" or the beneficiary organization you wish to donate towards (i.e. ADP, AID, Edhi or Sungi) in the "Designation" field online or in the "Memo" line on your check.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. EKTA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit registered in the State of California. EKTA's tax ID # is 91-2143894.

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