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Ali Abunimah
Ali Abunimah

Palestinian author, media voice, founder of Electronic Intifada


one country
A bold proposal to end the Israeli-Palestinian impasse

Saturday, Oct 14, 2pm
St. Paul's United Methodist Church
405 S. Tenth St,  San Jose

Suggested donation $5 - $15. Students Free!
(no one turned away for lack of funds)

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One Country - Book Cover
The Book The Author Co-sponsors Directions


Clear-eyed, sharply reasoned, and compassionate, One Country [Henry Holt and Co. Metropolitan Books, 10/2006] proposes a radical alternative: to revive an old and neglected idea of one state shared by two peoples. Ali Abunimah shows how the two are by now so intertwined—geographically and economically—that separation cannot lead to the security Israelis need or the rights Palestinians must have. He reveals the bankruptcy of the two-state approach, takes on the objections and taboos that stand in the way of a binational solution, and demonstrates that sharing the territory will bring benefits for all. The absence of other workable options has only lead to ever greater extremism; it is time, Abunimah suggests, for Palestinians and Israelis to imagine a different future and a different relationship. [Source: Henry Holt and Co., Publishers]


The Jordanian-American son of Palestinian refugees, Ali Abunimah is the creator and editor of the Electronic Intifada,(EI), , an internet gateway about Palestine and the Palestine - Israeli conflict, and more recently of Electronic Iraq. A graduate of Princeton University, he is a frequent speaker and commentator on the Middle East, writing for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. He is also a frequent commentator on KPFA. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

EI is
a not-for-profit, independent publication committed to comprehensive public education on the question of Palestine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the economic, political, legal, and human dimensions of Israel's 39-year occupation of Palestinian territories. EI provides a needed supplement to mainstream commercial media representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Launched 23 February 2001 as a pioneering online resource for media analysis, criticism, and activism, EI has progressively expanded its scope into new arenas: reference materials, live reporting, editorials, arts coverage, and satire, with the aim of presenting an accessible, credible, and responsible Palestinian narrative of developments on the ground to the American public and international community.

Although EI addresses the prevailing pro-Israeli slant in US media coverage by offering information from a Palestinian perspective, views on the conflict are based firmly on universal principles of international law and human rights conventions, and our reporting is built on a solid foundation of documented evidence and careful fact-checking.

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St Paul's Methodist Church is at the intersection of 10th St and San Salvador St., in downtown San Jose. See a map here.

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