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Indo-Pak People's Peace March, 2005
Goodwill Statement from Friends of South Asia
Friends of South Asia
San Francisco, CA, USA 
Date: March 23, 2005

We at Friends of South Asia salute the peace-loving citizens of India and Pakistan for their vision of a peaceful subcontinent and for their courage in participating in the Peace March from New Delhi to Multan. Where years of armed confrontation could not resolve any issues, where bristling armies equipped with the most lethal weapons could not make any advances into the “enemy territory”, we believe that these marchers, armed only with their convictions, will not only go deeper into the other's land, but will make a greater mark on the people themselves than any mere army ever could.
This peace march will provide an excellent opportunity for the common people of India and Pakistan to meet each other. We at Friends of South Asia feel that such opportunities are imperative in effacing the caricaturized images of “the other” which years of animosity have produced. We also hope that the goodwill produced by this event will render insignificant the bitterness of the recent past and act as a catalyst in reminding us of our shared history, our common struggles and, our surely common aspirations for peace and prosperity.
We hope that this march for peace will be the first of many future efforts towards restoring the mutual friendship that the people of this region were fortunate to enjoy not too many years ago. We realize that these are lofty goals, but also know that the journey of a thousand miles must still begin with a single step. We commend and thank the organizers of this peace march for taking that first step, and with hope high in our hearts, we at the Friends of South Asia bid you a successful and safe journey. 

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