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India - Pakistan People's Peace March, 2005
New Delhi to Multan - Mar 23 thru May 11

Through six weeks, Indians and Pakistanis from all walks of life will march together for peace, starting at New Delhi, India and ending in Multan, Pakistan. The march hopes to provide a unique opportunity for people-to-people contact, for people to inter-mingle, reflect on, and negate the
destructive tendencies of distrust, hatred, and enmity, and spread the message of peace and harmony. The march is a grassroots initiative for peace and friendship, coordinated by the Indian and Pakistani chapters of the Pakistan-India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), in association with a broad array of supporting organizations. A core marching team of about 100 Pakistanis and Indians will lead the march, to be joined by thousands of people at different villages, towns and cities enroute.

Image from the Ind-Pak Peace March
[photograph courtesy of Niranjan Parikh, who is participating in the march]

We at Friends of South Asia stand in solidarity with the peace march, and share the renewed hope for lasting peace in the region. FOSA is considering various ways to build momentum around the march, and hopes to mobilize the South Asian diaspora in the SF Bay Area for solidarity events in parallel with the march. Stay tuned and watch this space for updates.

Ind-Pak Peace Solidarity March in San Francisco
Sunday May 15, 1pm

Join us for a ~3 mile march starting at Mission St/16th St BART [map] and ending at Gadar Memorial Hall in Japantown [map].
(download html flyer)

See march details here.

Join us to:
  • Show solidarity with the participants in the India-Pakistan Peace March, who are marching  across the subcontinent with the goals of establishing people-to-people contact,  negating the tendencies of distrust, hatred and enmity, and spreading the message of peace and harmony
  • Express our indignation at the denial of visas  by the Indian and Pakistani governments - to Pakistanis who wanted to join the march in India, and to Indian marchers who wanted to join the march in Pakistan
  • Protest the imperialist tendencies of the US as currently exemplified in the efforts to manipulate South Asian regional politics by pushing for arms purchases by India and Pakistan
Save the date! Come one, come all!

Note: Pakistan American Alliance(PAA) was added as a co-sponsor in the last few days leading to the event. However, due to some concerns about the beliefs espoused by PAA, based on information on their website, PAA has been withdrawn as a co-sponsor (on 05/29/05), and a clarification has been sought from them. Read FOSA's statement on the issue.


Goodwill Statement to the marchers from Friends of South Asia

Day 1: The marchers embark
New Delhi, March 23rd: The Peace March from Delhi to Multan started off today from the tombs of Sufi poets and thinkers Amir Khusro and Nizamuddin Aulia.. (more.. via TheSouthAsian.org)


About the Indo-Pak Peace March
A brief description of the background of the march, and its purpose, and a call to South Asian communities all across the world to organize events in solidarity with the march.

Route of the peace march
The route details the various cities and villages that the march will traverse on its way from New Delhi to Multan.


You can find press releases and continuous updates from the march at http://www.thesouthasian.org/indo_pak_peace.html

Info about the march and related solidarity efforts can also be found at  http://peace.aidindia.org/

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