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a film by
Pankaj Butalia

Saturday, March
29, 2003. 6 to 8.30 pm

Stanford University
Gates Computer Science Building, Room 104

is event is open to all.. donations are optional.

Pankaj Butalia's "Karvaan" (1999) is a film on the India-Pakistan Partition,  told from the perspective of a man who has  witnessed the deep-etched trauma that its victims must bear.   It is the story of two families who's fates are intertwined with that of the Partition and its aftermath, and it derives its poignance from the chilling proximity of the stories it tells.

"Karvaan" has been screened at various venues worldwide, including the Venice Film Festival (1999), and the Rotterdam Film Festival (Feb 2000), to much critical acclaim.
Karvaan Image 1

' Karvaan is a personal reconstruction of the vast migration of Hindus and Muslims in 1947 and its consequences. The film is about the need to return to places from the past, to come to terms with that, however painful that can be. Pankaj Butalia wanted to tell this story to throw more light on today's Indian-Pakistani question and to understand what role is played by reminiscences in each of us. [Says] Pankaj Butalia: 'The complex stories we bear with us in our soul reflect the suppressed patterns in society and vice versa" '
 [... excerpted from the Rotterdam Film Festival review].

Kitu Gidwani and Naseruddin Shah deliver powerful performances in the film, which features script by Pankaj Butalia and Nilofer Kaul, and music by Susmit Sen. For a detailed review, the write-up at the South Asian Women's Forum (SAWF) website is a pretty good one.

Pankaj Butalia
Pankaj Butalia (Ambala, India, 1950) taught economics at the University of New Delhi for twenty years has been long committed to the Indian film movement, taking part in numerous international festivals and organising the section on documentaries at the Indian Film Festival from 1986 to 1988. He has made two documentaries -"When Hamlet came to Mizoram" (1990) and "Moksha" (1993). Karvaan is his first feature film.

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