Friends of South Asia's
Second Annual Literary Evening

South Asian Writings on
War and Terrorism
Saturday April 16, 2005, 5pm
Room 104, Gates Computer Science Bldg.,
Stanford University

Come, muse over local writers and poets exploring themes that reflect the life and times that we are living through.

Featuring original works of fiction, essays, memoirs, poetry
 - in different South Asian languages and English.

The event is free and open to all.

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The Event
FOSA's second annual literary evening will feature readings of original works in a variety of genres and formats - fiction, essays, memoirs, plays, and poetry -  in different South Asian languages as well as English.

This event is an attempt to grapple with the south-asian community's multi-layered responses to the experiences of war and terrorism. The evening will feature works that attempt to unpack South Asian responses to war and terrorism against the background of a shared history of colonialism, the struggle for Independence, the insurgencies and the internal strife; as well as the ongoing regimes of security unleashed by the State, here in the US as well as in South Asia.

Through these works, we will meditate on how the various labels that have been thrust upon South Asians  - informers, mutineers, terrorists, insurgents, resident aliens, illegal immigrants, ad infinitum - shape our responses to contemporary discussions about war and terrorism. Join us as we seek to understand the role that such labels play when used by the
state, the media, and dominant opinions to selectively frame whole communities as threats to national security, to a nation, or to any other ethnic or religious community.

About FOSA
Founded in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, Friends of South Asia (FOSA) brings together people with roots in various parts of South Asia, as well as other well-wishers of the region. FOSA's mission is to achieve a peaceful, prosperous and hate-free South Asia -- most immediately working towards a demilitarized, nuclear-free South Asia, and promoting respect for, and celebrating the diversity and plurality of South Asia. More information at, or email us at mail [at]