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AUGUST 14, 2009
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Indians and Pakistanis to Celebrate Independence Day Jointly Through Literary Evening

WHAT: The Language of Food -  A Literary Celebration of India and Pakistan's Independence Days

WHEN: Saturday, August 29, 1pm-5pm

 WHERE: Glen Park Library, 2825 Diamond Street, San Francisco

WHO: Friends of South Asia (FOSA)

Friends of South Asia, a Bay Area based voluntary organization whose mission is to work towards a peaceful, prosperous and hate-free South Asia, is organizing a Literary Evening to jointly celebrate the 62nd anniversary of India and Pakistan’s Independence from British rule. Writers, poets, and other artists will present their original works: stories, essays, poems, slideshows and skits in South Asian languages such as Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, as well as English. The theme of this year’s literary evening is The Language of Food. The entries presented at the event will focus on the vocabulary and evolution of food and cuisine, its relationship with history and geography, and its personal and societal associations.

This is the sixth successive year that FOSA is organizing an event to commemorate  India and Pakistan's independence days jointly in the San Francisco Bay Area. The event reflects on the richly shared culture and heritage between the two countries, and provides an opportunity to look beyond recent political disagreements for visions of a peaceful future. The Independence Day is a good day to remember that the two countries shared a momentous struggle for freedom that transcended their differences in the first half of the twentieth century; and that there is much more commonality than difference in the visions and aspirations for the future well-being and prosperity of both peoples. The Literary Evening presents an opportunity to celebrate the similarities and the diversity of Indian and Pakistani heritage, through the means of language and literature.

  FOSA will invite the audience to participate by presenting their own narratives, poems, and stories about South Asia and the language of food. The event is free of charge. For more information please visit http://www.friendsofsouthasia.org

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