South Asia's Struggle against US-led Imperialism

a panel discussion with
Vijay Prashad, Angana Chatterji, Abdul Nayyar, and Snehal Shingavi

Saturday Sept 10, 5.30 pm

522 Valencia St., 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA

(In San Francisco's Mission District)

Panelists will discuss:
  • The people's struggle against pro-imperialist Indian elites
  • the implications of the latest nuclear arms trade agreement between India and the US on the people of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the rest of South Asia, especially women
  • the role of South Asia in US imperialist ambitions
  • the other opportunities this presents to build Indian communism and fight the agenda of the global ruling class 

Q&A will follow panel presentations. Lite refreshments will be provided.
Questions? contact rishiawatramani<at>yahoo<dot>com