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Silicon Valley, May 2003: The Friends of South Asia welcome the recent positive announcements and actions by the Governments of India and Pakistan, including the restoration of full diplomatic relations and air and travel links between the two countries. We welcome the offer of talks by the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, on all outstanding issues including that of Kashmir, and the corresponding invitation by the Pakistani Prime Minister, Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, to the Indian Prime Minister to visit Pakistan.

We strongly urge both countries to engage in unconditional dialogue on all outstanding issues including Kashmir, and urge that the dialogues on Kashmir be tripartite, with Kashmiris playing an active role in it. We strongly urge an immediate end to violence in Kashmir--both militant and state-sponsored--violence that has devastated the lives of millions of innocent Kashmiris. We strongly urge both Governments to make full and effective use of this window of opportunity. We ask the two countries to cut back their nuclear arsenal and scale down their bloated conventional weaponry, channeling their scarce resources towards improving the lot of South Asia's impoverished citizenry.

Founded in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, FOSA brings together people with roots in various parts of South Asia, as well as other well-wishers of the region. FOSA's mission is to achieve a peaceful, prosperous, and hate-free South Asia--most immediately working towards a demilitarized, nuclear-free South Asia and promoting respect for and celebrating the diversity and plurality of South Asia. FOSA works to promote amity between countries and communities, working towards a South Asia where the rights of all minorities are respected and protected regardless of religious, ethnic, sexual or other differences. FOSA carries out its work through people-to-people contacts, dialog, and other non-violent, non-exclusionary means, working as a single group and with other organizations that share similar aspirations. FOSA's website is at

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