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Caste and Gender in Ancient India

Caste in ancient India - FAQ  Resources
Gender in ancient India - FAQ  Resources

The edits proposed by the HEF and VF on questions of gender and caste in ancient India are highly tainted by ahistorical and reactionary claims.  By substituting the word "unequal" with "different," or "rights" with "dharma" the authors of these edits recreate a past in which caste society and patriarchy appear unproblematic, almost benign.  Such acts of erasure and silencing of the ancient past represent a direct assault on struggles against gendered and caste-based forms of oppression in the present.  Rendering Dalits invisible in history and women visible only as contented bearers of "different" dharma, these edits reflect a view of society antagonistic to the rights of women and the historical victims of caste society.



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