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On Previous Attempts to "Saffronize" Textbooks in India

The attempts to impose Hindu Supremacist theory in school texts are not new and have been carried out earlier in India. Starting in 2002, when the Hindu Nationalist party BJP was in power, the BJP government tried to change the NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) school books to insert its particular sectarian and Hindu chauvinist ideology (popular media referred to it as “saffronization of textbooks”), raising an international storm of protest from scholars, intellectuals and secular governments all over the world.

We draw your attention to two examples in particular of such commentary on the NCERT changes.

"Communalization of Education: The History Textbooks Controversy", by the Delhi Historians' Group, 2002. 

A report by the Delhi Historians Group on the communalization of education, in the context of the controversy surrounding changes to NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) history textbooks, in India.

Excerpts from the United States International Religious Freedom Reports, 2002-2005, on attempts to saffronize textbooks in India.
In the US, these attempts to alter the texts have been carefully documented by the International Religious Freedom reports on India that were submitted to Congress each year starting from 2002 till the most recent one in 2005. These reports are annual submissions to the Congress through which the Department of State provides additional detailed information regarding matters involving international religious freedom.

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