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Feb 24, 2006: Come to Sacramento to oppose Hindutva's attempts to hijack California's history textbooks. On Feb 27, a sub-committee of the California State Board of Education is holding a public hearing to review the proposed textbook changes (edits) for the upcoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade history and social-science textbooks, and to allow scholars and community groups to express their concerns about them. Join us in participating in this hearing, to ensure that a broad representation of views is heard and to urge that disputes over the content of the textbooks be deferred to South Asian scholars for resolution. See the flyer (use above link) for more details and if you are interesting in coming.

Jan 10, 2006:
Action Alert  - We urge members of the community to help in keeping propaganda out of textbooks by contacting officials at the California State Board of Education and by writing to local newspapers and media and expressingtheir views on the controversy.

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